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Rates & Services

Registered Massage Therapy


  • 60 Minutes - $130.00

  • 30 Minutes - $75.00

  • Please note that your appointment time includes assessment, charting and change time.


  • 60 Minutes - $130.00

  • 30 Minutes - $85.00

  When booking your ICBC appointment please recognize that your initial visit will be covered up to $109.00 by your claim insurance.  Subsequent visits will be covered up to $82.00.  Any amounts owing outside of the covered rate will be paid by the patient.  Your therapist cannot coordinate private insurance with ICBC claims

  Please be ready to provide details of your claim upon booking your appointment.

  • Full name and Date of Birth

  • Date of Accident

  • ICBC Claim No.

  • Contact details of the Adjuster assigned to your claim.

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