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Ericia Nurse

Registered Massage Therapist



  I began practicing massage in 2005 upon high school graduation where an interest in body work and alternative healthcare developed into my practice today.  


  My intention is to provide each patient with a sense of ease, comfort and trust.  Communication is key. 


  A history intake form must be filled before the first treatment can begin, from then on a briefing before and after each treatment will provide me with insight into what the best plan of action is and whether by the end of the treatment we are on the right path based upon results and feedback.


  I use a variety of techniques in order to achieve the appropriate outcome.

  • Swedish

  • Trigger Point Release Therapy

  • Myofascial Release Treatment

  • Joint Mobilizations

  • Visceral Manipulation

  • Craniosacral Therapy

  • Manual Lymphatic Drainage



  • Registered Massage Therapy 3,000 hours - Diploma, 2013

  • Manual Lymphatic Drainage Technique - Basic Level - Certificate, 2012

  • CS1 - Craniosacral Therapy, Level 1 - Certificate, 2016

  • CS2 - Craniosacral Therapy, Level 2 - Certificate, 2016

  • SER1 - Craniosacral Therapy, Somatoemotional Release Technique - Certificate, 2017

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